Listen Up!

HEY YOU!! Yes, YOU!!! Can you HEAR ME? ARE YOU LISTENING? What you don’t, won’t or can’t hear is costing you big time! This may be the most valuable financial blog entry yet and it’s about listening. Really? Listening? Yes. Listening to the relationships around you and what they are saying.

What is your spending plan telling you? It’s the most easiest to listen to as long as you track it. My spending plan tells me all the time that I eat out too much, expect the gym membership to work out FOR me and to stop driving big and fast V8 muscle cars. I will die fat and happy while passing my personal trainer and his PriusJ. Enough of the fun, let’s get to the serious.

What are your friends telling you? Do you actually listen to their lives? Do they feel they can confide in you? Do you feel confident enough when you think they are going to make a mistake to stop them? You need to and if you don’t you need to stop talking ….and LISTEN.

What are your employees telling you? Do you shut your door and only be interrupted at 5 Alarm Fire style emergency? As the person that signs the front of the paycheck you also have a responsibility to be the “HEART CHECK,” of the organization.  Your employees need to know and feel you are about them as people and you can’t do that with TPS Reports. If not, TURN OVER will cost you big time.  Get out of the office and in the field….and LISTEN.

What are your kids telling you? Do you come home 200% spent and fall asleep? Whip out the smart phone at the little league game? Someday the Harry Chapin song will be sent to you …”Cat’s in the cradle in the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon. When you coming home dad, I don’t know when…we’ll get together then son.” Avoid those cozy prison cell visits….and LISTEN.

What is your spouse telling you? Do you feel like family diner is a thing of the past? Does it seem meaningful spousal communication has become Charlie Brown’s teacher? Divorce ain’t cheap so you better LISTEN.

What is GOD Telling you? When is the last time you were still with HIM?  What are you missing out on due to the fast pace of life? God is not a “not now Lord, I’m kinda busy.” He has ways of getting our attention…so LISTEN.

WHY? All the above people in your life are relationships you hopefully cherish and the best thing you can do is validate who THEY are through listening to them without what you are going to say next or some other thought rambling around your brain. Honor God’s clue in this area. TWO EARS, One Mouth.


Coffee with your buddy $5.00

Catch in the yard with your kids and a visit to the chiropractor: $75

Fine Dinner out with your wife alone: $125

Time with God and knowing your relationships know you truly listen: Priceless



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